Graduate in Philosophy and in Mathematics-Physics

Sponsored by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research

Academic achievements
After I had earned a two-year university diploma in Mathematics and Physics I went through the whole five-year course in Philosophy (with a Diploma of Higher Education, a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree). My aim was to specialize in Logic and Epistemology in the second year of my interdisciplinary Master’s course at both Universities of Lille 1 (Sciences and Technologies) and Lille 3 (Human and Social Sciences). 

Thereafter, I won a doctoral contract with the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research which entitled me to financial support for writing my PhD thesis. In addition to the contract I carried out a number of extra activities which provided me with some opportunities and responsibilities, such as organizing a major international Philosophy of Science conference (on Lille 1 and Lille 3 campuses) and teaching Logic. 
... Teaching 

PhD thesis
My thesis is at the crossroads between several philosophical domains (Philosophy of Knowledge, Philosophy of science, Ontology, Metaphysics as a whole and Metaphysics of science in particular), Logic (modal and epistemic), and scientific methods in general (such as in physics among others).
More precisely, the relations between Theories, Models and Target-Systems, the notion of Property (idealized, for example), and the matter of Identity in modal contexts are some of the issues I am working on. My thesis partakes of what could be named a modal epistemology project.

Thanks to my various works I have been selected by the scientific committees of several specialized international conferences such as the seventh session of the Models and Simulations conference.